Event I Aaron Kwok's "City Under Siege" Promo Tour

As i always been a great fans of Aaron Kwok, this is a great opportunity to get up close but not personal with him. :)
My first ever cassete album is his album and indirectly he taught me to fall in love with mandarin songs and how to sing one.

20 years later...he's here to promote his new movie "City Under Siege" and we're covering his event!!! It's a great experience and also a dream come true to meet one of the HK superstar live in-person. Great job to my partner Jacky, and thanks to Steph and team for the opportunity!!!

p/s: Two thumbs up after watching the movie premiere!!!

Portraiture I Baby Alexis Portraiture at Melaka

We have been postponing the shooting for months and finally we are able to get a shoot on Alexis.....
Although the weather wasn't that encouraging for our photoshoot but we still manage to get a few good shots. Don't worry we'll have another session soon.. :)

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