Wedding I Marcus + Cass Wedding Ceremony at Melaka

"What A Small World". That's the favourite phrase among malaysians.For me, i prefer "What A Small Melaka" as Melaka indeed is a small place :)

It happened that my client Marcus, seems to know ppl that are somehow linked to me, from friends, photographer, colleagues, ex-colleagues & schoolmate!!!wow, funny isn't it but it's true.

This is also where i set my best record of creating tea ceremony montage slideshow in exactly 1hr since it's a lunch reception. Phew!!!. I do not wish to have another one that way but i don't mind taking the challenge again :) Anyhow, all the hard works paid off when Marcus uttered "very impressive"!. That's also one of the reason why i'm a wedding photographer today :)

Thanks Marcus & Cassandra. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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  1. For my wedding I have been wondering about the same thing and I am really excited about it. It sure is going to be really exciting when I am about to getting married for the first time.

  2. Anonymous says:

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