Maurice + Wendy

We are so glad that we went with our instincts and took on Danny as the photographer for our special day. Danny & Chong were always on time, and were also always on their feet, ready to capture the moment. They really put us at ease, and sometimes we felt that we already know them for a couple of years, as we had no feeling of awkwardness to pose for the camera.  With Danny around, Wendy (a.k.a. Bridezilla) had one less thing to worry about, as he certainly knew his stuff!

Danny is always professional and it had always been a breeze to communicate with him. He had even provided us with very good tips and suggestions that helped us to better plan our wedding itinerary! We absolutely love the morning photo montage, and we are simply wow-ed by the beautiful photos that we just received from Danny. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and kudos to both, Danny & Chong!

Maurice + Wendy

 Glenn + Stephanie

Dear Danny,
Stephanie and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and Chong for your tireless hard work throughout our wedding day.
We were so happy when we saw the morning session montage as you have managed to capture so many beautiful moments.
We are now excitedly waiting for the next 3 weeks to pass by so that we could see the rest of the photos :)
And yes, we enjoyed the "change" moments too as everyone was having fun playing along with it as well.
Glad that you guys enjoyed our wedding as well although you didn't manage to get many breaks in between... everything was so fast paced that the day went by like a blur.
Once again, thank you so much and please convey our thanks to Chong as well.
Glenn & Stephanie

Haeman + Jamie

"I can summarize my experience with Danny in these few words:
- passionate about his photography
- professional in his business
- great personal touch in all aspect
- accommodating to ones' desires
As the groom, I was not looking towards this experience of pre-wedding photos. However, after seeing how happy my bride is and how wonderful the photos turned out. NO REGRETS! 
P.S. Danny has GREAT suggestions/ideas, do not forget to ask him."
Haeman & Jamie

Mark + JoLyn

If you're looking for a wedding photographer who is dedicated, passionate, friendly and a family friend kind, then look no further! Danny koh is the photographer for you. He takes pride in his work, gives his heart out at his profession and always strives to accommodate to your every wedding photography needs! We are grateful that we managed to book him despite his tight schedule and we have no regrets! Thanks Danny for capturing every happy moment of our big day to last a lifetime!

Mark + Jo Lyn



Nelson + Phyllis = Aston

Danny, the photos were so so nice, a thousand Thank You for your professional capture :). WE LOVE IT so so much...hehe..
But only thing is....the photo is too beautiful....make me feel that it's not enough...LoL..:p

Edward + Evie

Our first impression on Danny started with a ‘WOW’!as we never see such a full booking list from any other actual day photographer's website in JB. We understood that Nov was one of the hottest wedding month for this dragon year and we probably having the slimiest chance to get Danny but we were really lucky to be able to book him even required him to travel all the way from Melaka, he never rejected us in fact confirmed our booking immediately !!

Wedding memories are so important to us. We want someone who able to capture the moment, record the happiness and help us to remember the wonderful lifetime memories and YOU MADE IT ! The pictures are so NICE and we all love it ! Every time we need you to be there to capture the moment, you are always ready for us.

Thank you for the professional service, fast & on time delivery, passionate and super friendly attitude ! Keeping it up and all the best to you..

From Edward and Evie

CheeLiang + Angelyn

Human beings are not born equal. Not all of us were born with an artistic eye for taking good pictures or an artistic mind to imagine what it takes to compose memorable shots with a camera. Most of us are dumb in this sense. We only know that pictures taken with a camera must be "good". But what is "good"? How do you define a "good" picture? Most of us only know when we see pictures AFTER the shots are taken. Oftentimes, the feeling that a picture is "good" comes from the heart, not the mind – you only know it when you see it. It's not something that words could always describe clearly.

The need for "good" pictures becomes even more important when it's a significant event in one's life: an engagement party, a birthday celebration or in our case, a wedding. But we, like most people, are artistically dumb in the department of photography. So we did what most people would do – ask around for recommendations – and also through our powers of observation (of friends’ wedding pictures), one name came up often: Danny Koh. Looking at his pictures, you can tell that his shots are “good” (i.e. excellent).

Our confidence in Danny’s abilities and experience were assured even before the actual wedding day. Danny cares enough to try to understand the needs of and fulfill specific requests by his customers. We feel fortunate to have accepted his suggestions on how certain wedding-day events should be organised for maximum photography opportunities. We placed our trust in his experience and that did not fail us. Besides compulsory talent, flexibility and the willingness to adapt are must-haves for any good photographer worth his fees, and Danny Koh has these qualities. On the subject of fees, we think his rates are very reasonable and we thought we fully got our money’s worth.

This is our testimony of the positive experience that we had engaging Danny Koh’s services. We would not hesitate to vouch for his professionalism and hope that you will have as wonderful an experience working with him as the beautiful pictures he took for us on our wedding day (20 Oct 2012 – which also happened to be his birthday. Well done again to Danny Koh for putting our needs before his!).

CheeLiang + Angelyn

Andrew + Corinne

"Danny, I've received the photos! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Love your work. A million thanks from Andrew and Corinne."


TatSern + LingWei

"Thanks for all the lovely beautiful pictures, we love them ALL :) "


WeeLiem + Sharon

"We just received the photos and album today :). Really nice photos!!! Thanks you so much!!!.
And a great song accompaniment to the pictures :)"


Suresh + May-Ai

"Amazingly beautiful pictures. I love them ALL. I am lost for words as no words can describe my appreciation for all the beautiful pictures. Thanks a lot sincerely from my heart and got being there at our wedding."

Loads of love, May Ai


ShienLong + Alisa

"We were looking for a wedding photographer whose pictures suits our taste and style a year before our wedding.  Looking back now, we are extremely happy that we found Danny Koh.  

The wedding slideshow for both our receptions in Malacca and KL was just so beautiful.  It managed to capture the emotions of the moment and what differentiates Danny from other photographers is that you can feel the warmth and love emanating from his photos.  

He was able to capture beautiful and creative shots using what was available around us.  We requested for a wedding card from my sister to be incorporated in his pictures.  He did that and more.  The resulting pictures and incorporation of it in our slide was so beautiful and made it very unforgettable.  

What made the experience of working with him was he is very personable.  He is friendly and natural.  On time and professional.  It just made our wedding experience great and memorable. Thank you, Danny Koh."

From Shien Long and Alisa


 Greg + Lisa

"We're so thankful we chose you & Danny to be our wedding photographers. Your work is amazing! You truly captured the joy & excitement of the wedding. You guys are fun, friendly & put us all at ease (especially the nervous bride!). I love it that you really listen to what we want & gave us incredible pictures to cherish for many many years to come. You guys are the best! My friends & family members already decided on who to call when it's their turn to get married. Thanks again!" - Lisa SeowHong Singer

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